Two Single Garage Doors vs. One Double Garage Door

Choosing the right garage door is a significant decision for homeowners. It’s about aesthetics, functionality, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.

One of the critical choices you’ll face in this process is opting for one double garage door or two single garage doors. Each option has advantages and disadvantages that can impact your garage space’s look, utility, and budget.

We will see deep into the pros and cons of each choice, guiding you through the factors that matter most when finding the perfect fit for your garage needs.

Whether you prioritise symmetry, convenience, budget, or security, this comparison will help you make a well-informed decision.

Two Single Garage Doors

Two single garage doors are a practical choice for spacious garages with distinct usage needs. They typically measure 8 to 10 feet in width, offering flexibility in access and organisation.

These doors come in various styles and materials, allowing customisation to match your home’s aesthetics.

Two Single Garage Doors

You can manually operate them or use automatic openers for convenience. Two doors are beneficial when one side serves as a workspace or storage area, ensuring independent access without interruptions.

Maintenance is more straightforward and cost-effective than a double-wide door. Customisation options enhance curb appeal, making two single garage doors a versatile choice for homeowners.

Benefits of Two Single Garage Doors

Some benefits of opting for two single garage doors are mentioned below.

  • Customisation: Two single garage doors allow for more customisation options. You can choose different styles, colours, and materials for each door to match your home’s aesthetics or personal preferences. This can enhance the overall curb appeal of your home.
  • Flexibility: With two separate doors, you can open one or both as needed. This flexibility can be handy if you have multiple vehicles and need to access the garage frequently without opening both doors.
  • Cost Efficiency: Two single garage doors are sometimes more cost-effective than a large double door. If you need to replace or repair one door, it’s generally less expensive than doing the same for a double door.
  • Reduced Maintenance: With two single doors, if one door has an issue, the other can still function normally. This can reduce downtime and maintenance costs compared to a double door where both sides may be affected by a single problem.
  • Garage Width: Installing two single doors may provide more flexibility in garage width. If you have specific width constraints due to structural or space limitations, two single doors can be adjusted to fit your needs more precisely.
  • Improved Insulation: If you have insulated garage doors, two singles might offer better insulation since there is less surface area for heat transfer than a larger double door.
  • Safety: In a malfunction or power outage, two single doors can often be manually operated more quickly than a large double door, which may require more effort to lift.

Drawbacks of Two Single Garage Doors

The drawbacks of having two single garage doors are mentioned below.

  • Aesthetics: While customisation can be advantageous, it may also result in a less cohesive look if the two doors don’t complement each other well.
  • Space Constraints: If you have limited space in front of your garage, two single doors might require more clearance when opening compared to a double door, which opens as a single unit.
  • Upfront Cost: Depending on your location and the specific doors you choose, installing two single doors might initially cost more than a single or double door.
  • Security: Some believe one double door provides better security, as it may have fewer seams and potential weak points than two separate doors.

One Double Garage Door

A one-double garage door is the best option where space constraints or design aesthetics play a crucial role.

When there’s limited width available for garage access, installing two separate single doors may not be practical or feasible.

One Double Garage Door

In such cases, opting for a one-double door provides a uniform and symmetrical appearance for the garage, enhancing overall curb appeal.

Additionally, it can be cost-efficient as it often comes with a single garage door opener, reducing installation and operational expenses.

This configuration is also more convenient to operate, with less clutter and complexity regarding door and opener arrangements.

Ultimately, the choice of a double garage door is often influenced by structural considerations and the architectural design of the garage and the home.

Advantages of a One Double Garage Door

The advantages of a one-double garage door are mentioned below.

  • Symmetry: It provides a symmetrical and uniform appearance to the garage, enhancing curb appeal.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Installing a single or double door is often more cost-effective than two separate doors, including reduced installation and operational expenses.
  • Convenience: One garage door opener can operate the entire door, simplifying usage.

Disadvantages of a One Double Garage Door

The disadvantages of a one-double door are mentioned below.

  • Limited Customisation: A single or double door size may not suit all garage dimensions, limiting customisation options.
  • Maintenance: If one part of the door gets damaged, the entire door might need repairs or replacement.
  • Security: If one side of the door malfunctions, it can compromise the entire garage’s security.

One Double Garage Door vs. Two Single Garage Doors Comparison Table

AspectOne Double Garage DoorTwo Single Garage Doors
SymmetryProvides a symmetrical look and enhances curb appealEach door is separate and may not offer a symmetrical appearance
Cost-EfficiencyGenerally more cost-effective due to a single opener and reduced installation costsCostlier due to the need for two separate openers and installation for each door.
ConvenienceIt is easier to operate with a single opener, reducing the complexityRequires two separate openers, potentially increasing complexity
CustomisationLimited customisation as the size of the one double door is fixedAllows for more flexibility in customising door sizes for specific garage dimensions
MaintenanceIf one part of the door is damaged, the entire door might need repair or replacement.Damage or issues with one door do not affect the other, making maintenance more straightforward.
SecurityPotential compromise of garage security if one side malfunctionsIndividual doors provide separate security for each part of the garage
AestheticsProvides a clean and symmetrical look, suitable for some architectural stylesAllows for different door styles and materials for each door, offering more diverse design possibilities


What’s Better – One Double Garage Door or Two Single Garage Doors?

Two single garage doors offer customisation, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, catering to homeowners with varied requirements.

On the other hand, a one-double garage door excels in providing symmetry, cost savings, and simplicity, making it ideal for limited spaces and a uniform look.

When deciding, consider factors such as space, aesthetics, budget, and functionality. Whether you opt for the convenience of one double door or the versatility of two singles, your choice should align with what matters most for your garage and home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary difference between one double garage door and two single garage doors?

A one double garage door is a single door that covers the entire garage opening. In contrast, two single garage doors consist of two separate doors, each covering half of the opening.

Which option is more cost-effective?

Generally, a one double garage door tends to be more cost-effective since it requires only one garage door opener and often has reduced installation costs compared to two separate doors.

Are there any advantages to having two single garage doors?

Yes, having two single garage doors allows for more customisation, as each door can be sized to fit specific garage dimensions. Additionally, if one door has issues, it won’t affect the other, potentially simplifying maintenance.

Do these options differ in terms of aesthetics?

Yes, a one double garage door provides a symmetrical and uniform appearance, enhancing curb appeal for specific architectural styles. In contrast, two single garage doors offer more diverse design possibilities, allowing for different door styles and materials for each door.

Are one double garage doors easier to operate?

Yes, one double garage doors are often more convenient to operate since they can be controlled with a single door opener, reducing complexity.

Do these options affect garage security differently?

Yes, a potential disadvantage of a one double garage door is that if one side malfunctions or gets damaged, it can compromise the entire garage’s security. Two single garage doors provide separate security for each part of the garage.

Can I customise the appearance of a one double garage door?

While customisation options may be more limited for a one-double door size, you can still choose from various styles and materials to match your home’s aesthetics.

Which option is better for garage space with limited width?

If you have limited width for garage access, a one double garage door is often the better choice, as it provides a single, centralised opening.

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