How to Set Travel Limit on Merlin Garage Door Openers

Setting door travel limits is often overlooked in garage door maintenance. Properly calibrated door travel limits ensure the smooth and safe operation of Merlin garage openers.

In this garage door guide, we’ll look into the essential steps required to set door travel limits on various Merlin models, empowering users to optimise their garage door opener’s performance confidently.

What Are Garage Door Travel Limits?

Garage Door travel limits are pre-set positions programmed into garage door openers, indicating the garage door’s fully open and closed positions.

Garage door travel limits are essential for ensuring that the garage door stops at the correct positions during its operation, preventing damage to the door or the opener system.

By accurately setting the limits, the opener knows precisely when to stop opening or closing the door, preventing overtravel or under travel, which can strain the motor and other components.

Setting Door Travel Limits on Merlin Garage Openers

Merlin garage door openers need to have the door travel limits set correctly. The limits control how far the door opens and closes.

Below, we have shared the steps for setting the door open and closing limits on different Merlin garage opener models.

Steps to Set Travel Limits on MERLIN MR655 & MR855 Roller Door Opener

To set travel limits on the Merlin MR655 and MR855 roller door openers, follow the steps below.

  1. Ensure that the door is positioned halfway and the opener is engaged, which means it is out of manual mode, achieved by pulling on the red cord.
  2. Turn on the opener, and the courtesy light will switch on. Now, you can proceed with the steps mentioned below.
  3. Press and hold the P button for 5 seconds until LED 3 flashes, indicating the initiation of configuration. LED 2 flashing denotes a right-hand installation, while LED 1 indicates a left-hand installation. To switch between settings, use the S button until the opposite LED flashes, then finalise the selection by pressing and releasing the P program button.
  4. To set the door’s desired open position, press and hold the up button until it reaches the desired height. Toggle between the up and down buttons to fine-tune the door’s position, ensuring ample clearance for your vehicle to pass underneath. Once the correct position is achieved, press and release the P program button to confirm and save the setting.
  5. To set the downward travel limit, press and hold the down button until the door reaches the desired closed position, adjusting its position as needed by toggling between the up and down buttons. Once the desired position is reached, press and release the P program button to accept this setting, prompting LED 2 to flash and indicate the activation of force learn mode.
  6. After pressing and releasing the up button, allowing the door to travel to the open position with LED 2 flashing, holding onto the door during calibration to influence the opener to subtly set the force slightly higher. Following this, pressing and releasing the down button prompts the door to travel to the closed position, accompanied by LED 1 flashing.
  7. Once LED 1 stops flashing upon reaching the fully closed position, the courtesy light transitions to full power, signalling the completion of the process. With this, you have successfully set the limits on your Merlin roller opener, ensuring precise and efficient operation tailored to your specific installation requirements.

Merlin MR655 Roller Garage Door Opener

How to Set Travel Limits on MR800 / MR600 Roller Door Opener

MR800a Garage Door Opener

To set travel limits on the Merlin MR800 roller door opener, follow the below steps.

  1. Remove the Light Cover: Pry the tabs located under the light cover using a knife to remove it.
  2. Locate the Buttons: Behind the cover, you’ll find two buttons – the learn button and the limit button.
  3. Simultaneously Push Buttons: Press and hold both buttons until the orange light flashes.
  4. Drive the Door Up: Drive the bottom up to the top stopper while holding down the black limit button until the door reaches the top stopper. Use the purple button if you go too far.
  5. Drive the Door Down Manually: Press the green button to make it travel down once the door is near the top. However, it’s best to set the limits manually. Press the purple button to stop the door as the door reaches the floor. Then, manually drive it down with the purple button.
  6. Adjust the Bottom Limit: Press the black limit button to make the door go back up. Use the purple button to drive it down until it’s close to the bottom weather seal. Use the purple button to adjust if necessary.
  7. Set the Limits: Press the green button underneath the door to make it travel up once the limits are set. Then, put the force margin.
  8. Set the Closing Force Margin: Once the door reaches the top, press the green button again underneath to drive it down and set the closing force margin.
  9. Check the LEDs: Ensure the orange light stops flashing and the LEDs become brighter, indicating that everything is set correctly.
  10. Replace the Cover: Replace the cover by putting the top props in first, then push the bottom in, ensuring the tabs are lined up.

Tips for Optimal Door Limit Configuration

Here are the tips to optimally configure the door limits for smooth, safe garage door operation.

  1. Regular Maintenance Practices: Implement regular maintenance routines to preserve the integrity of door limits. This includes lubricating moving parts, checking for loose screws or bolts, and ensuring the door tracks are clean and aligned correctly.
  2. Periodic Testing: Periodically test the door limits to ensure they are still accurately calibrated. This can be done by manually operating the garage door through its full range of motion and observing whether it stops at the designated positions.
  3. Adjusting for Seasonal Changes: Temperature fluctuations and humidity changes can affect the garage door’s operation. Adjust the door limits accordingly to compensate for any variations caused by seasonal changes.


Understanding and adequately setting door limits on Merlin Garage Openers are fundamental aspects of garage door maintenance that users often overlook.

Users can ensure their garage doors’ smooth and safe operation by following the outlined steps for various Merlin models and adhering to the provided tips.

Regular maintenance, periodic testing, and adjustments for seasonal changes are critical practices to optimise door limit configuration and enhance garage door openers’ overall performance.

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