Merlin Commander Essential MS65MYQ Manual

Merlin Commander Essential MS65MYQ Manual

Merlin Commander Essential MS65MYQ Manual

Merlin Commander Essential MS65MYQ 

The Commander Essential, an upgrade from the previously replaced MT60EVO model, offers advanced add-on functionality within the Merlin Tilt series. The MS65MYQ, part of this series, provides users with the option of an additional battery backup, ensuring continued operation during power outages. Moreover, it is compatible with the Merlin MYQ Connectivity Kit, enabling remote control and monitoring of the garage door using smartphones or other compatible devices.

Included with the MS65MYQ, the E970M remote controls boast the Security+ 2.0 rolling code encryption. With trillions of possible code combinations, this encryption technology generates a new code every time the button is pressed. Transmitting signals across three frequencies, the E970M effectively minimises interference problems, guaranteeing that your garage door will open reliably with each button press. The high level of security provided by these remotes ensures that only authorised remotes will operate the Merlin Commander Essential MS65MYQ, effectively preventing code grabbing devices from replaying the code to gain unauthorised access to your garage door.


Premium Automatic Safety Reverse

The garage door opener features an automatic safety function that ensures enhanced safety. If the door encounters an obstruction while closing, it will automatically stop and reverse its direction; similarly, if there is an obstruction while opening, the opener will halt its operation. This feature helps prevent accidents and protects both people and property.

Automatic Force Sensing

The garage door opener is equipped with automatic force-sensing technology. With every operation, the opener continuously monitors and adjusts the force required to open or close the garage door. This ensures optimal performance and minimises the risk of damage to the door or opener.

Manual Release

In the event of a power failure, the opener includes a manual release mechanism. You can easily and safely open the garage door manually by activating the manual release. This feature provides you with a backup solution to access your garage when there is no power available.


  • 24V DC motor with thermal overload protection
  • Input voltage: 240V AC
  • Rated door area up to 13.5m²
  • Max door weight: up to 90kg
  • Max peak pulling force: 600 N
  • C-rail with belt drive
  • 433.92, 433.30, 434.54 MHz AM radio with Chamberlain Security + 2.0 rolling code technology
  • Up to 64 memory registers
  • Courtesy light: LED
  •  Min headroom required: 30mm
  • Maximum lifting under spring tension = 20kg
  • Suitable for steel and timber spring balanced doors
  • Door opening time: 18 seconds
  • Door closing time: 21 seconds
  • Based on a 2.2m high door
  • Door height: 2.4m
  • Door width: 5.5m
  • Double dwelling

Included Accessories

  • 2 x Four Button Remote Control (Security+ 2.0 & Security+) (E970M)
  • Four Button Wireless Wall Mount Remote Control (Security+ 2.0) (E148M)

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John Smith
John Smith
Bryan came out to fix our door which had failed during the warranty period. He installed a new motor and I was able to take the car out of the garage again. Even though it was a quick turnaround he didn’t charge. Would recommend to anyone
Beth Nyman
Beth Nyman
Thank you team for the over the phone support in securing the house over the weekend!! Beth at Curl Curl
Recommend Pittwater Garage Door Repairs above all others. They are responsive, knowledgable and willing to go the extra mile to get your repairs done quickly and effectively. I had an issue with my tilt door garage where the fob wasn't speaking to the motor. I also didn't have a key to the safety lock on the outside of the garage. There was no other way into the garage, and as you'd expect, my car is in the garage meaning getting to work became a real hassel. I had called around to several places before settling in with Pittwater Garage Door Repairs. I was promised a time for a local competitor to come around and fix it, and when they didn't show up, I called to book in with Pittwater Garage Door Repairs. The guys there got straight to me and fixed my door, got the motor going and all within the hour. To say I'm impressed with their service, is to say the least!
Carol Burgess
Carol Burgess
Prompt fantastic service highly recommend Carol MonaVale
Lee White
Lee White
Thank you to the amazing Brian. Fantastic service you can rely on. 100% recommend you use this fantastic company. Brian thank you! Five gold stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Garage door broke on the Saturday of a long weekend. Brian was here within an hour of us calling him and was friendly and knowledgeable. We’ll definitely be using him again.
Tim Reeves
Tim Reeves
Great service and value. Fixed my door that day!
Leigh Edwards
Leigh Edwards
Couldn't have been happier with the service from Pittwater Garage Doors!! Price was very reasonable and given up front, before I booked the job. They communicated with me well, arrived bang on time, had the door fixed and adjusted efficiently and were friendly as they did it. It was the first time I have used them, but will not be the last!

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