10 Common Mistakes That Compromise Your Garage Security

Garage security is crucial for preventing unauthorised access to your home and protecting valuable possessions stored in your garage.

A secure garage door is a deterrent to potential burglars, reducing the risk of break-ins and ensuring the safety of your family and property.

Garage door security is often overlooked but is critical in safeguarding your home and belongings.

In this article, we’ll explore the common mistakes that can compromise the security of your garage door. So, let’s get started on strengthening your garage door security today.

Common Mistakes That Compromise Your Garage Door Security

We will explore a comprehensive list of common mistakes that homeowners often make, unknowingly jeopardising the security of their garage doors.

By identifying and rectifying these issues, you can significantly enhance the safety and protection of your home.

Some common mistakes that compromise the security of a garage door are mentioned below.

1. Neglecting Basic Maintenance

Neglecting proper maintenance and oversight of your garage door can have significant consequences. Failure to perform regular inspections may lead to unnoticed wear and tear, ultimately compromising the door’s overall security.

Moreover, not addressing damaged parts promptly can exacerbate the situation, further weakening the structural integrity of your garage door and increasing its vulnerability to potential security breaches.

Additionally, the lack of lubrication can result in friction and increased wear on moving parts, making the door noisier and less reliable in safeguarding your home. Addressing these issues promptly is essential in maintaining a secure garage door.

2. Using Weak or Old Locks

The choice of locks for your garage door is pivotal to its security. An overview of lock types reveals various options, such as deadbolts, slide bolts, and keypad locks, each with its own characteristics.

However, using outdated locks poses significant risks, as they are more vulnerable to break-ins through picking, bumping, and other methods.

To ensure your garage door’s security, opting for modern, high-security locks that offer resistance to tampering and provide a robust defence against potential intruders is recommended.

3. Leaving the Remote Control in the Car

Leaving the remote control in the car can lead to security vulnerabilities. If someone breaks into your car, they can easily access your garage, increasing the risk of theft or unauthorised entry into your home.

It’s a security oversight that can have serious consequences.

4. Overlooking Garage Door Opener Security

Ensuring robust garage door security involves addressing common mistakes that homeowners often overlook. Default PIN codes, like “1234” or “0000,” may seem convenient but pose significant risks due to their predictability.

Changing these codes is a simple yet critical step to enhance security. Additionally, securing your garage door opener is paramount to prevent unauthorised access, as a vulnerable opener could grant burglars an easy entry point.

By recognising these security risks and taking the necessary precautions, you can effectively fortify your garage door’s security and protect your home.

5. Sharing Access Codes Carelessly

Garage door security is a fundamental aspect of safeguarding your home and belongings. Recognising the dangers associated with sharing PINs with too many people is imperative, as it can lead to an elevated risk of unauthorised access.

This increased accessibility may make your garage a more appealing target for potential burglars. Adopting secure methods for sharing access codes is essential to counteract this risk.

Limiting access to only those who genuinely need it, periodically changing the code, and using time-limited or one-time codes are practical steps that reinforce security measures, ultimately fortifying the protection of your home.

6. Neglecting Lighting

Adequate garage door security encompasses various elements, including the role of lighting. Adequate lighting is crucial in deterring burglars by eliminating hiding spots and increasing the likelihood of detection.

Well-lit areas make it challenging for criminals to approach your garage undetected, thus discouraging unlawful activities.

To achieve this, consider suggestions such as installing motion-activated lights, positioning them strategically at entry points and vulnerable areas, and using bright LED bulbs.

These measures ensure optimal visibility and act as a robust deterrent to potential intruders.

7. Ignoring Vulnerable Entry Points

Identifying weak spots in your garage security is the first step in bolstering its protection. Take a close look at your garage door frame, checking for any gaps, damage, or misalignments.

Broken windows, insecure locks, and hinges are common vulnerabilities that need immediate attention. Ensuring that your garage door seals properly is vital to thwart potential intruders.

Once you’ve identified these weak spots, it’s crucial to take concrete steps to reinforce vulnerable areas.

This involves upgrading locks and latches, installing security bars or rods inside the door, and adding window security film. Strengthening the door frame with metal or strike plates can make it more resistant to forced entry.

8. Not Using Security Cameras

Enhancing garage door security is a paramount concern for homeowners, with surveillance playing a pivotal role.

The benefits of surveillance are multifaceted, providing 24/7 monitoring and acting as a powerful deterrent against potential intruders.

Additionally, security cameras enable homeowners to record and store evidence in the event of any incidents, helping with investigations and insurance claims.

To harness these benefits effectively, homeowners should follow some essential tips when installing and using security cameras.

Positioning them strategically to cover vulnerable entry points is critical, as is ensuring they have reliable night vision capabilities. Regular maintenance is also vital to guarantee optimal performance.

9. Leaving Garage Doors Unlocked

Garage door security is a critical aspect of home protection. Typical instances of unlocked garage doors can include leaving the door open after use or neglecting to engage the locking mechanism.

Developing a habit of locking your garage door is essential to address these issues.

Creating a routine to check and secure the door with each entry or exit, along with reminders like checklists or phone alerts, helps ensure that your garage door remains a reliable barrier against potential threats.

10. Failing to Educate Family Members

Security awareness is paramount for safeguarding your home, enabling you and your family to effectively identify and address potential threats. By fostering a culture of security awareness, you can collectively enhance the safety of your household.

This includes acknowledging common mistakes that may compromise garage door security, educating family members about these risks, and involving them in proactive measures to mitigate them.

Enhance Garage Door Security

Home security is paramount today, and enhancing your garage door security is vital to protecting your property and loved ones.

Whether you’re concerned about break-ins or want to bolster your defences, there are effective strategies you can implement today.

From reinforcing your garage door structure to securing your remote control, these tips can significantly fortify your garage door’s security.

For a more detailed guide, check out our guide on how to enhance garage door security to keep your garage and home secure.


Awareness of and rectifying common mistakes that compromise garage door security is essential in safeguarding your home.

By addressing these vulnerabilities, you significantly reduce the risk of break-ins and enhance the protection of your property and loved ones. For a comprehensive approach to garage door security,

At Pittwater Garage Doors, we are committed to assisting you in achieving the highest level of garage door security.

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