How to Change the Battery in a Merlin Wall Remote

You’re returning home from running errands, arms loaded with grocery bags, when you pull into the driveway and press the button on your Merlin wall remote to open the garage door. Nothing happens – the remote’s batteries are dead.

Don’t let this scenario catch you off guard. Changing the batteries in your Merlin wall remote is a simple task that can prevent frustrating situations like this. With the right tools and instructions, you can quickly and easily replace the batteries to keep your garage door opener running smoothly.

Merlin Wall Remote

How to Change the Battery in a Merlin Wall Remote

Here are the steps to change the battery in a Merlin wall remote:

  1. Locate the wall-mounted Merlin remote in your garage or carport. It is usually screwed or taped to the wall.
  2. Use a screwdriver to pry open the remote’s back cover. The cover should come off, revealing the internal components.
  3. Identify the batteries inside the remote. Most Merlin remotes use two 3V lithium batteries.
  4. Using the screwdriver, gently push out the old batteries from their compartments.
  5. Replace the batteries with new ones of the same type (3V lithium). Make sure to orient the batteries with the positive (+) side facing up.
  6. Test the remote by pressing a button. The LED light should turn on, indicating the batteries are working correctly.
  7. To reassemble, line up the front cover with the base, ensuring the LED light hole is aligned with the circuit board’s LED.
  8. Slide the front cover back onto the base, ensuring it clips securely. You should not be able to pull it off quickly.
  9. Once reassembled, test the remote again by pressing a button to ensure the LED light comes on, confirming proper operation.

How to Change the Battery in a Merlin Wall Remote


Regularly changing the batteries in your Merlin wall remote is essential for ensuring the smooth operation of your garage door opener. Following these straightforward steps, you can quickly and easily replace the batteries, avoiding the hassle of a non-functioning remote.

Stay proactive and change the batteries before they run out to prevent any inconvenient situations.

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